What God

Preaching at Crossroads Christian Church in Maryland

Preaching at Crossroads Christian Church in Maryland

The Universe is information-rich. The amount of information contained in just one living cell is mind boggling. The information that governs the universe such as the Newtonian Laws, the orbital rates of planets, the precise rotation rate of our planet, and the elegant laws that seem to predetermine the behaviour of atoms and light, is truly phenomenal. This much information in the laws of the universe and the biology of a living cell points to an personal information source. This personal information source is also being referred to the Grand Organising Designer, or GOD for short.
God is the most knowledgeable Person in the universe. Not only has He revealed His infinite knowledge by what He has made (Psalm 19), He has more precisely made known His knowledge. This All-Knowing God has chosen to reveal Himself through a Book.
To know God is to pursue the knowledge of God and grow that in knowledge that fills the mind and warms the heart.
What God wants us to know He has revealed in His Book of Nature but more precisely in the 66 sacred books of Scripture. This is why the primary role of the Pastor is to guide those in his care through the expounding of God’s sacred Word. This is done with a passion to see those being fed the Word of the All-Knowing God to develop a passion to know, love and serve God. In this way a pastor loves his people. Thus, the Pulpit can be the place where a Pastor romances a relationship between himself, God and the people of God. We need our pastors to be more romantic!


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Pastor, Teacher, Theologian, Writer, Speaker, Coach.
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